Welcome to Gong Laboratory!

Gong Laboratory is a new laboratory built in April 2015. Our current research interest is centered around the synthesis, 3D printing and applications of high-performance crystalline gels with multiple functionality as temperature-responsivity, shape memory, thermal energy (heat/cold) storage, etc. We are also chanlleging the synthesis and application of crystaline gel particle, crystalline gel fiber, crystalline gel nonwoven faric, thermalsensitive shrinkage film and crystalline gel micro-/nano-porous membrane.

Feel free to visit us or contact us if you are interested in our research or just our lab.


Year: 2020(R2)

【Notice】The research of our group was introduced in the "注目の研究:工学" Column on our University's Japanese-version website.
【Award】Hiroto Sakurai, the 4th year student in college, won the Best Presentation Award at the 2020 Autumn Meeting of The Society of Fiber Science and Technology, Japan (SFSTJ) held online during November 5(thu) to 6(Fri).
Hiroto Sakurai presented a paper orally titled Preparation of hydrophobic gel fibers by photoreactive electrospinning. His contribution was highly evaluated and awarded.    Sakurai's certificate of merit   Sakurai, Congratulations!
This news is posted on the website of Department of Polymeric and Organic Materials Engineering too.
【Conference】4 people: Jin, Ara, Takahashi and Sakurai presented 4 papers at 2020 Autumn Meeting of The Society of Fiber Science and Technology, Japan (SFSTJ), held Online during November 5 (Thu)-6 (Fri), 2020.
・11/5 1B09B ◯Hiroto Sakurai, Kohei Takahashi, and Jin Gong, Preparation of hydrophobic gel fibers by photoreactive electrospinning. (Oral)
・11/5 1B13B ◯Kohei Takahashi, Takuya Miyazaki, Jin Gong, PDMAA gel fibers produced by photoreactive electrospinning and their structure analysis.(Oral)
・11/5 1G14B 〇Kazuhiro Ara, and Jin Gong, Synthesis and characteristics of gel particles with thermal sensitivity near skin temperature.(Oral)
・11/5 1B21A ◯Jin Gong, Takuya Miyazaki, Kohei Takahashi, Preparation of polymer gel fibers. (Oral)
【Lecture】Jin gave a one-day lecture to 75 2nd year junior high school student at Nagai North Junior High School. This was one of events of Yamagata Univeristy Umemirai-Girls Project, adopted as the Next-Generation Human-Resources-Development Project of JST.
【Notice】Four college juniors from Department of Polymeric and Organic Materials Engineering joined us. The new school term started today.
【Conference】69th Symposium on Macromolecules was held online from Semptember 16(Wed) to 18(Fri), 2020. Jin presentaed two papers.
・9/16 FB0526 ◯Jin Gong, Kazuhiro Ara, Itsuki Hachiya, Crystal Structure of Gels with Temperature-Sensitivity Near Skin Temperature.(Poster)
・9/17 2O07 ◯Jin Gong, Kohei Sakai, Kazuhiro Ara, Itsuki Hachiya, Hiroshi Ito, Structure Analysis of Temperature-Sensitive Microporous Film Based on Gel Particles.(Oral)
【Paper】The paper "Polymer Gel Fibers Produced by UV-Reactive Electrospinning" we submitted to Journal of Fiber Science and Technology was acceptted.
【Open Campus】Yamagata University held an open campus event online. We opened our laboratory to the public this year too.
【Paper】The collaboration paper with Prof. Wenbing Hu (Nanjing University, China) titled "Transparency of Temperature-responsive Shape-memory Gels Tuned by a Competition between Crystallization and Glass Transition" is published in Chinese Journal of Polymer Science. DOI: org/10.1007/s10118-020-2456-0.
【Conference】Jin, Ara and Kohei made a lecture for high school students at the Super Science Highschool (SSH) event of Yonezawa Kojokan High School.
【Conference】Jin made an oral, and first-year master's student Kohei made a poster presentatin at the Fiber Society’s Spring 2020 Conference(Tower Hall Funabori, Tokyo, June 10(Wed)-12(Fri)).(The conference was called off due to COVID-19 pandemic, but papers submitted were recognized as presented)
・6/11 2P207 ◯Kohei Takahashi, Hiroto Sakurai, Jin Gong, Polymer gel fibers and non-woven.(Poster)
・6/12 3C05 ◯Jin Gong, Yuchen Mao0, Kazuhiro Ara, Itsuki Hachiya, Kohei Sakai, Thermal-energy-storage crystalline gel particles with excellent thermal stability.(Oral)
【Notice】Our group people information was updated.
【Notice】Jin got promoted to Associate Professor on April 1. "I would like to thank you everyone for supporting me so far. I hope I can do better from now on. I hope I can get your continuous support.(By Jin)"
【Graduation】2019 (Reiwa 1) Commencement Ceremony of Faculty of Engineering, Yamagata University was concelled due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Fortunately, one large classroom was set for picture-taking for graduates. Congradulations! Kohei, Ara and Ryo. I wish you three a healthy and bright future.
2019 (Reiwa 1) Commencement Ceremony 1   2019 (Reiwa 1) Commencement Ceremony 2
【Graduation Presentation】The thesis oral defense for undergraduate students of Department Mechanical Systems Engineering finished today. Three students from our group, Kohei Takahashi, Kazuhiro Ara and Ryo Kobayashi passed their bachelor's oral defense. You all three did a greta job!