Welcome to Gong Laboratory!

Gong Laboratory is a new laboratory built in April 2015. Our current research interest is centered around the synthesis, 3D printing and applications of high-performance crystalline gels with multiple functionality as temperature-responsivity, shape memory, thermal energy (heat/cold) storage, etc. We are also chanlleging the synthesis and application of crystaline gel particle, crystalline gel fiber, crystalline gel nonwoven faric, thermalsensitive shrinkage film and crystalline gel micro-/nano-porous membrane.

Feel free to visit us or contact us if you are interested in our research or just our lab.


Year: 2021(R3)

【Notice】Jin earned KAKENHI Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B).
This is a three-year research project on Creation of Fibers and Non-woven for Multifunctionalized Tough Crystalline-Gels. (Applicant(PI), No. 21H01994,2021/4~2024/3)
We'd continue to keep doing our best.
【Notice】Group member information has been updated.
【Award】Jin awarded by Yamagata University for Excellence in Research, Education and Fundraising.   Certificate of Merit
【Graduation Ceremony】>2021 (Reiwa2) Commencement Ceremony of Faculty of Engineering. Three students, Hiroto Sakurai, Itsuki Hachiya and Hiroyoshi Muramatsu got their Bachelor's Degrees. Congratulations!
Two of them are going to enter the graduate school and continue the research. I hope all they have a wonderful future.    2021(R2)Graduation Ceremony
【Notice】Three 3rd year undergraduate students, Shunsuke Kondo, Satoshi Aoki and Koh Yoshida finished their Achivement Test carried out by the Department of Polmeric and Organic Matirials Engineering. They three did an excellent job!
・Shunsuke Kondo: Physical Properties of Hashfish Slime.
・Satoshi Aoki: Synthesis of Selfhealing Gels with Thermal-reserible Crosslinking Points.
・Koh Yoshida: Physical Properties of the mucus bubbles of purple-bubble-raft-snails (Janthina).
【Award】2021 Yamagata University Students Awards Ceremony. Our group member, 4th year undergraduate student, Hiroto Sakurai won the Best Student Research Award from Yamagata Univ. Congratulations!
Sakurai: the Best Student Research Award (Picture1)
Sakurai: the Best Student Research Award (Picture2)
【Notice】The book that Jin cowrote titled「Electrospray / Electrospinning Methods and Its Applications: Material Synthesis, Molding, and Processing (in Japanese)」was published on March 1st, 2021. Jin shared our work in Volume II Chapter 2:Crystalline gel Nanofibers.
If you're interested in synthesis of nanoparticles/nanofibers, coating/film formation,microfabrication via electrospray/electrospinning, I recommend you this book.
【Graduation Presentation】The thesis oral defense for undergraduate students of Department of Polymeric and Organic Materials Engineering finished today. Three students from our group, Hiroto Sakurai, Itsuki Hachiya and Hiroyoshi Muramatsu passed their bachelor's oral defense.